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"I never thought that after 30 years of smoking, anything would work to help me quit! After one session with Rob I was a non smoker and still am... I have happily referred him to many of my friends."
- B.R.

"Thank you so much Rob! I don't know how you did it but I feel as if a wave of happiness has come over me from this self help mp3, thanks again! "
- Justin

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Stop Nicotine Cravings
Stop Smoking Today
Smoke Reduction
Fear of Flying
Fear of Water
Fear of Snakes
Baby Bonding for Expectant Mothers
Natural Childbirth
Post Natal Depression
Morning Sickness
Out of Body Therapy
Past Life Regression #1
Past Life Regression #2
Pain Management
Increase Self Confidence
Confidence With Dating
Attract What You Need
Reconstruct Your Life
Reinventing Yourself
Overcome Depression
Releasing Guilt
Trust Your Emotions
Releasing Emotional Baggage
Ending Destructive Behavior
Eliminate Swearing
Become Tidy and Organized
Managing Control Tendencies
Develop Patience
Improve Sports Skills
End Nail Biting
School Issues
Improve Your Listening Skills
Improved Study Habits
Presentations in school
Improve Test Writing

Why we created these Self Hypnosis MP3's.

We created these self hypnosis downloads to help clients we were unable to meet in person. They became so successful that we now offer them throughout the world. Our techniques in creating hypnosis MP3’s come directly from working with clients in our busy therapy practice, based in Vancouver, Canada.

Among clients we've worked with are many households name from the world of TV and film as well as a diverse selection from school aged children to the peak of professional careers. We always bring the highest standards of technical hypnotherapy to our many clients. To learn more about Vancouver Hypnotherapy click here.

You can easily learn self hypnosis by using the techniques shown here. If you would like to learn more about hypnosis, you may wish to visit our tutorials on our other site here.

These recordings feature the voices of myself and staff of Vancouver Hypnotherapy. Our therapists are trained to the highest standards of Technical Hypnosis. All work directly with clients who have experienced the therapies you can download here, and have used these methods successfully. We are now accepting recordings from other hypnotists, all of which are carefully checked for quality.

Self Hypnosis MP3's for ...

We are continually expanding the list of therapies we carry. If there is a subject you would like us to include, let us know. We add our own, and contributing therapists content on a daily basis.

We are always interested in your comments and suggestions. Contact us by all means. We will do our best to get back to you shortly.
Rob Hadley CHt.



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